Zayn Malik dropped a surprise teaser for his new single ‘Better’ on social media Wednesday night, hinting at the start of a new musical era.

It was shaping up to be a quiet evening. Mid-week, looked like nothing of consequence would happen. Then, Zayn Malik posted one word, and our worlds turned upside down.

Wednesday night, Malik took to social media for a surprise announcement about his new single ‘Better’, causing a flurry of chatter. He accompanied the same with a 14-sec video and a link, which leads to the official Youtube release countdown for ‘Better’.

The video teaser preludes ‘Better’ to be a classic Zayn Malik single, falling back on the slow, sensual R&B that’s become his mark. Close-ups paint an invasive, albeit intriguing picture, with an unknown entity using binoculars and vintage tape records to spy on who we assume is Malik. The singer himself only appears for a split-second in a grainy image, as if picked up from afar.

Though the singer did not offer any other information, this certainly provides context to his social media posts from earlier this month, where he told fans he had some “new stuff” to show them.

‘Better’ will be Malik’s first solo release in almost two years. His second solo-album, Icarus Falls, came out in December 2018, following which the singer went on to feature in a string of collaborations.

He was seen on R3hab’s ‘Flames’, Sabrina Claudio’s ‘Rumors’, and a remix of Shaed’s ‘Trampoline’. Malik also joined Zhavia Ward in rebooting the Disney classic ‘A Whole New World’ in 2019.

Speaking to Vogue ahead of the release of Icarus Falls in 2018, the singer had admitted that his second album, and the change in pace in his career, was a reflection of him maturing. “I feel like I’m in a good place, like I’ve grown up. My energy tank is definitely slowing down a little bit. It’s a progression of my age, of my experience.”

‘Better’ comes out on Friday, September 25th.

Check out Zayn Malik teasing ‘Better’ on Twitter:

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