Yungblud is gearing himself up proper to become the voice of the new generation. He’s political, outspoken, fashion savvy and confident, and his songs always have something to say.

The popularity of Yungblud can be traced back to ‘Polygraph Eyes’, a fiery statement on sexual assault – and that critical acclaim leads all the way up to ‘Hope For The Underrated Youth’ which he broadcast the lyrics of onto the UK Houses of Parliament earlier this year.

He denies gender norms on stage and in press photos by wearing dresses, skirts and lipstick, and he is always unafraid to be controversial. To most though, he’s just spearheading a movement on the right side of history.

In a recent interview with NME, Yungblud even shared that he’s willing to die for the cause, opening up about the risks he takes with his controversial art, sharing, “In Russia I got death threats because I was wearing a skirt. The first thing I did when I landed in Moscow was put on a dress and go to Red Square to get a picture.”

He continued, “My guitar tech says that every night he gets really scared that I’m up there going, ‘Fuck the NRA!’ and some nutcase is going to pull a gun out or something. But it doesn’t scare me. Because we’re just doing what’s right. If someone’s going to shoot me for it, then I’m prepared to get shot for it because I believe in it. That’s intense, dark and scary to say, but I’m prepared to die for this shit. As a result, that show in Moscow had the craziest crowd, because those are kids that needed that release and me the most.”

For those across the pond, Yungblud is heading back to the UK this week to kick off his Intimate As Fuck Tour in London.