You’ve messaged us your favourite covers on Instagram that you wanted us to check out, and we’ve gone through the submissions to identify our top 5. What are some of your favourite covers circulating the internet? We’d love to hear them!

Instead of searching through the hashtags of Instagram Explore for new tunes to listen to we decided to reach out to you guys to send us your favourite covers on Instagram to our messages.

We watched through all of them and decided to sum up our faves in this article here. Here are the five covers that the members of the Don’t Bore Us office couldn’t get enough of. Thanks to the individuals who sent us in their fave covers at the moment.

Here’s our list, featuring established artists like Conan Gray (who we love), and a few bedroom artists who absolutely deserve more attention.

Conan Gray – ‘Comfort Crowd’ by Himself

Here’s Conan Gray offering up a cover of his own song ‘Comfort Crowd’,

Kailee @alternativeflute – ‘Collar Full’ by Panic! At the Disco

Flute covers. Of our favourite alternative tracks. Emo classics on the flute. We’re obsessed here at the DBU office and we cannot get enough. Thank you to everyone who brought this cover page to our attention.

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First Panic! song up on IGTV… I've been noticing the posts here perform much better, I'm thinking the Insta algorithm likes them more? Its weird haha. Still working on a bunch of stuff to get out to you guys but in the meantime here's this!! Please excuse the flickering light in the back, it decided today to act up on me 😅 anyway, please enjoy!! ° ° 🍃💖Tags🌱💕 ° ° #mcr #mychemicalromance #tylerjoseph #emo #iwsnt #northerndownpour #joshdun #crankthatfrank #gerardway #brendonurie #dallonweekes #panicatthedisco #patd #ryanross #twentyonepilots #doab #prettyodd #ryanross #jonwalker #deathofabachelor #falloutboy #fob #patrickstump #petewentz #andyhurley #mrdisco #tøp @brendonurie @sarahurie @panicatthedisco @zackcloudhall @celluloidheroes @dontboreus @crankthatfrank

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Ben @patd.ben – ‘Whatsername’ by Green Day

We will never say no to some Green Day coverage. This is absolutely phenomenal.

Chris @chris_dg92 – ‘I’ve Been Waiting’ by Lil Peep, ILOVEMAKONNEN and Fall Out Boy

This song shall not be slept on for any longer. We’re huge fans of this cover, there’s just something about it that emits wholesome energy.

Maggie Schneider @itsmaggieschneider – ‘Here’s My Strangers X Fly With Me’ by The Jonas Brothers

The talent jumped out. We have officially decided to stan forever. We’re gonna need every one of you to follow this account because yes this is exactly what we needed in our lives.