The most glorious time of the year has come to a close. This spooky season has well and truly proven to be one of the most fantastical displays of costume ingenuity. To celebrate the final dregs of the pumpkin-spiced season, we’re taking a look at the creme de la creme of costumes sported by our favourite musicians this Halloween.

We went on a discovery journey to find the Halloween looks that absolutely inspired us this spooky season.

The best part was, there were so many looks this year to choose from! We had a mini-competition in the office to see who could find the best #Halloween posts, and the results were hauntingly glorious.

On the hallowed night of horrors, our Instagram Explores were simply filled with iconic looks and outfits from our faves.

There’s no denying that Halsey is the reigning supreme of Halloween. Every single year she delivers look after look. Waiting to see what her mind cooks up is my favourite part of the season. This year she delivered what is easily her best look to date. Perfectly executing an ode to Marilyn Manson during his flaming red-haired, androgynous Mechanical Animals era. Halsey’s devotion to the 90s shock-rocker runs deep. Earlier this year, she emblazoned her torso with a portrait of Manson.

blink-182? dressed as The Joker? covering a spooky Misfits classic? say no more.

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Jaime from Pierce The Veil dressed as one of the menacing twins from The Shining is everything that we didn’t know we needed. This whole set up is so ridiculous and disproportionate and absolutely perfect.

Vic Fuentes of Pierce The Veil held it down for The Upside Down. Serving us Steve Harrington dream boat realness.

The Wonder Years truly delivered a spectacle. It takes cojones to adopt the character of Fred Durst, but we think that they pulled it off. To make things even more delicious, The Wonder Years played a cover set as Limp Bizkit, and cracked off a blistering cover of Significant Other hit ‘Nookie’.

Yungblud as Pennywise sort of looks a bit like if Vyv from The Young Ones had a dish of baked beans splurged all over him but we respect the hustle.

Lil Uzi Vert as Frankenstein is indisputably the cutest thing we’ve ever seen in our life. Protect him at all costs.

Did you have a favourite Halloween costume that we missed? Let us know.