The pop punk energy is alive and well with Woes, who are bringing the genre some new life well into 2019. 

We first came across UK band Woes while doing our usual perusals of our Instagram Explore. We were instantly enamored by their sound and their look, which rekindled our punk sensibilities.

It’s easy to believe that pop punk is a dying genre in 2019, but Woes are here to prove otherwise. Their sound is fresh and full of vigor, and they have so much passion behind their music that it would be difficult to not fall in love with them.

Recently, the band released the video for new track ‘Suburbs’, which comes off their 2019 album Awful Truth. The project is the bands first full-length album, and is full of precious gems like the aforementioned single, or the catchy as hell ‘Money Shoe’.

No longer will we need to have any woes about the state of the genre, because, well, Woes are here to solve our plight. Borrowing from a multitude of influences from hip-hop to RnB, and of course, punk rock, Woes makes music that funnels a variety of sounds into an attitude that we know and love.

Vocalist DJ said of their brand new track: “Suburbs was the first track we wrote when Luke joined the band. The song is about having a relationship with someone, in your home town or wherever. Then moving away and losing contact with them and wondering what they’re up to, if they’re still there, if you went back if they’d be pleased to see you”.

“We love loads of modern hip-hop and RnB, which is something we plan to explore more in 2019. We also like incorporating math-rock and prog chords and progressions into our instrumentals… But we still want that pop punk energy live”.

Check out ‘Suburbs’ the new video from Woes below