Willow Smith really raised the game for Mother’s Day, getting her mum’s old metal band back together for a special performance. 

As per Billboard, the top-secret gig took place on the latest Red Table Talk episode on Wednesday, May 5th. During it, Willow remembered tagging along with her mum Jada’s metal band, Wicked Wisdom (props for the band name alone), when they went on tour. Old home videos showed her and brother Jaden really being put to good use, cleaning the outside of the tour bus.

“This is the music that I grew up around,” Willow said. “My mother was Superwoman, she was a rock star, she was a warrior and a nurturer, all in one. So unapologetically badass. … I was my mom’s biggest fan.”

And so to pay tribute to Jada for Mother’s Day, Willow stepped into her shoes and played with the original Wicked Wisdom members, including guitarist Pocket Honore and keyboardist Taylor Graves. They performed a Wicked Wisdom track, ‘Bleed All Over Me’, which is about as metal a song title as you can get.

Jada was understandably emotional at it all, crying while mouthing along to the words like she was a mere fan. She then shared a heartfelt hug with her daughter at the end of the song.

I mean, just try and top that Jaden. What did you plan for Mother’s Day? It can’t have been as spectacular as that.

Does this mean we should expect a metal song from Willow in the future, inspired by her mum? She’s already tried her hand at pop-punk recently alongside Travis Barker on ‘Transparent Soul’ so anything’s possible with her.

Watch the video here (skip to the 33-minute mark for the Wicked Wisdom performance) and compare it to the original below.

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