The mid-00’s were quite the experience. It was the peak of “emo”; MySpacescene fringes, and brightly coloured hair reigned supreme. People with online usernames like xxRAWR_princess_xx and XX_MyChemicalMarissa_XX would post all about their favourite bands on social media platforms, helping to build up the fanbase of your favourite artists.

Being part of the emo/pop punk scene meant no one was immune to the clutches of emo fashion trends — not even your favourite musicians. Eyeliner, side fringes and questionable fashion ran rife through the community, and thankfully we have the internet to remind us all of this historic era. Here’s a little reminder of what your favourite bands looked like 10 years ago:

All Time Low

Clad in bright colours, streaked hair and the tightest jeans they could find, All Time Low were on the rise within the pop punk scene. Their iconic album So Wrong, It’s Right came out in 2008, which set them on the path to stardom. Great band, not such great fashion sense. Thankfully, they’ve gotten a lot better over the years.

All Time Low in 2008
All Time Low looking ~fresh~ in 2008. Credit: DarlaMakeup on MySpace

Fall Out Boy

Back when emo music still made it to award shows, Andy had long hair, and Patrick was a hat fiend. Pete was still emo as ever, though you wouldn’t be able to tell from the cheesy smile on his face. His outfit in this one is particularly stunning — he was really working the 20th century butler look.

Fall Out Boy at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles.

The Maine

The Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop era was a confusing time for The Maine‘s aesthetic. Everyone had a fringe, John was throwing up peace signs in pictures, and a lot of their photos had far too much clarity boosting. The baby-faced quintet were in their early twenties, if you couldn’t tell from this wholesome photo.

The Maine Can't Stop Won't Stop
A promo of The Maine from 2008.


Back when there were technically only four members in the band (Taylor was only a touring member back then), Paramore were fresh off Vans Warped Tour when they stepped out onto the MTV VMA’s red carpet in September 2008. As was custom for the time, girls in bands were styled to look ‘edgy’ – hence Hayley’s tasteful teased hair and silken bowtie.

Paramore MTV Vma'S 2008
Paramore arriving at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles.

Panic! At The Disco

Pretty. Odd. was a weird era, fuelled by with folk music and floral motifs. The experimental album has stayed a fan favourite for old school emos, but it’s certainly a departure from the most recent P!ATD albums. This was back when Ryan and John were still in the band,

Panic! At The Disco in 2008
This look was… Pretty Odd?

My Chemical Romance

The Black Parade Is Dead! came out in mid-2008, closing out the era with a massive bang. The Black Parade saw MCR enter the mainstream via Welcome To The Black Parade, a song that awoke the emo in many around the world. Their aesthetic from this time period is undoubtedly the most iconic; eyeliner, military jackets, white face paint and skeletal motifs became the identifier for the band, while at the same time giving young emo kids everywhere the uniform they’d adopt for years to come.

My Chemical Romance in 2008
The Black Parade era.

Which look is your “mood” today? Were you also guilty of too much eyeliner, wearing neon hoodies and owning too much Clandestine Industries gear? Let us know!