Since his departure on Panic!, Ryan Ross has sent us on a never-ending scavenger hunt in search of information regarding his musical output and upcoming projects.

Although he did front The Young Veins for a while and release a few one-off tracks on SoundCloud, the former Panic! member has left quite a lot to the imagination in recent years.

Ross took to Instagram to reveal his latest endeavor – testing his acting chops in a new music video.m The song is by Z Berg, the former frontwoman of the mid-00s indie rock group The Like.

The new track ‘I Fall For The Same Face Every Time’ is a sweet yet melancholic piano ballad that features whimsical vocal melodies that ebb and flow throughout the entire track.

The video sees Ross, not in the most ideal of circumstances, however, the sweeping cinematography, monochromatic colours, and wintery aesthetic make for a gloom drenched feast.

Check it out below:


Hopefully, this means we could be seeing a little more Ryan in the spotlight – even if it’s not him fronting the band, watching him test the waters in different creative projects is always incredible.