Don’t Bore Us had the pleasure of attending the 2019 instalment of Unify Gathering. What a spectacular weekend it was. The sense of community and camaraderie born within the grounds of Tarwin Lower is undeniable. It is a festival were friendships flourish under harsh weather conditions. Where moshers clad in horse masks, bananas in pyjamas costumes and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle outfits roam free. It’s also an environment that fosters inner growth. You’ll find inner strength you never knew you had once you’re three days into picking clumps of dust and dirt out your nostrils. It’s a spiritual experience.

Unify is a celebration of the world-class heavy music that Australia is producing. The strength of Unify lies within its ability to pioneer local bands, giving them an opportunity that they may not find in any other major festival hosted within this country.

Up-and-coming acts Yours Truly and Between You and Me tore up the stage with their polished, pop-punk responsibilities. Whilst Melbourne’s new kids on the block Caged Existence delivered one of the most visceral, fervent sets of the weekend.

I’ve never considered myself to be religious, but after watching Pagan’s set I can safely say that I am a devoted worshipper of the Church Of Black Wash. I struggle to think of a more unique band operating within Australia’s heavy scene. Frontwoman Nikki Bruman is a powerhouse.