After publishing this story, it’s been confirmed in the resurfaced Trump administration documents (via The AV Club) that it was Billie Eilish who said Trump was “destroying our country and everything we care about,” not the other way around.

Politico broke the story about this Trump administration document and reports that it was indeed Eilish who said Trump was “destroying our country.”

We apologise for the error about the quote. Our original story is below.

Guess we shouldn’t have expected Trump to be a Billie Eilish fan but it’s still strange to hear it out loud.

It goes without saying that Trump has a bone to pick with a LOT of celebrities (and people in general) because, well, they just don’t like him or the job as president.

With Billie Eilish, you’d think that Trump might not be the biggest fan after all her efforts in getting people to vote against him, not to mention that she debuted her latest song, ‘my future‘, at the 2020 Democratic National Convention.

And you’d be right actually. In fact, Trump and his administration are straight up saying Eilish is, ahem, “destroying our country and everything we care about.”

Okay, let’s fill in the gaps in how we got to “Trump hates Billie Eilish.”

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So The Washington Post unearthed a bunch of documents revealing that Trump administration officials tried to hijack a $250 million COVID-19 awareness campaign and turn it into a politically-charged re-election campaign ad instead.

It is reported that the ad was set to feature a bunch of celebrities, though anyone who was critical of Trump were to be omitted from being considered for the ad.

Eilish was one of the few singled out and Trump officials really didn’t like her as not only is she described as “not a Trump supporter,” they straight up say she is “destroying our country and everything we care about.” Yeah.

It wasn’t just Eilish that Trump officials were pissy about either. They also rejected Jennifer Lopez (for her Super Bowl performance that criticised Trump’s immigration policies), Justin Timberlake (coz he “publicly endorsed Obama and supports gay marriage”) and Christina Aguilera (who is described by Trump officials as “an Obama-supporting Democrat and a gay rights supporting liberal”).

All in all, at least 274 celebs were “vetted” and apparently only 10 got approval – Dr. Oz, Dennis Quaid, Marc Anthony, Enrique Iglesias, Shulem Lemmer, CeCe Winans, Billy Ray Cyrus, Miranda Lambert, Garth Brooks, and former basketball star Dwyane Wade.

It should be noted that a number of those aforementioned 10 celebs have criticised Trump in the past (Wade, Anthony, Brooks) so one wonders how thorough this vetting process was.

Now all this pissy behaviour ultimately resulted in a big fat nothing anyway as the big campaign has been put on hold and no ads have been aired.

So the only thing we learned today is Trump and his administration really don’t like Billie Eilish. Oh well, their loss.

Check out Billie Eilish performing ‘my future’ at the Democratic National Convention: