It’s official, Troye Sivan is officially calling Melbourne home.

The In A Dream artist has recently been one of the latest features inside architecture bible, Architectural Digest, announcing the news that he has now officially laid down some of his own roots in Melbourne, after falling in love with the city during lockdown last year.

Sivan said, “I was living in the States for about five years, longing to be in Australia, before the pandemic brought me home. As much as I’ve missed touring and seeing people, it’s been cool to be forced to stay still for a second. I wake up every day excited to make something new, in a house that tells the story of my life and the places I’ve loved.”

And now that Sivan is the proud owner of the residence only adds to the property’s rich history in Melbourne. According to the magazine, the home dates all the way back to 1869, with its original purpose as a handball court. Then in 1950, the court was converted into a brick factory. Then third time lucky, in 1970, the factory was transformed into a residence by Aussie architect, John Mockridge.

Sivan added, “You can picture Mockridge and his friends sitting around drinking whiskey and talking about art. I wanted to preserve that bohemian spirit and honor the original architecture while creating something that feels like me.”

Since emerging from the blue neighbourhood he originally grew up in, Sivan went onto to dominate the world that had been waiting for him. And he says that the narrative of his experiences and his travels are all told by his home, its design aesthetic and his own personal trinkets.

He added, “There’s a strong affinity between Melbourne and L.A. in terms of climate and architecture. That strain of classic California midcentury modernism has been a big influence,” he explains. “I also love the time I’ve spent in Japan. The idea of wabi-sabi, the perfectly imperfect, really resonates with me.”

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Take a tour of Troye Sivan’s pad below.

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