Netflix original documentary Tiger King is the hottest television show in the world, and even musicians like blink-182’s Travis Barker have been drawn in.

Barker is a fan of the show, and he was interviewed for TMZ‘s commentary hour Tiger King – What Really Went Down?. The show aired immediately after Netflix premiered a new, after-episode of the original doco titled Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness.

The after-episode was hosted by comedian and actor Joel McHale, and featured interviews with several of the key characters from the original series. Each one of them spoke about what has happened in their lives since the end of the series and Joe Exotic’s incarceration.

Barker had plenty to add during the TMZ special. As he discussed Exotic’s life and motivations, the blink-182 drummer made a left-field comparison.

“I feel like Joe Exotic was, our of the cat people, the Scarface of cat people,” referring to the 1983 move starring Al Pacino. “He literally had it all and was on top of the world and making movies and just acted out of emotions and lost it all.

“Kind of like the story of Scarface. It is really relatable.”

Watch the trailer for ‘Tiger King’: 


Barker also weighed in on whether he felt Joe Exotic deserved to be in prison, suggesting that he never really wanted to have Carole Baskin killed.

“To me, it felt like he was just talking amongst people like ‘oh man, I wish [she] was dead or I’d kill her myself,’”

“I don’t ever really feel like he was going to kill her.”

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In other blink-182 news, a leaked version of the band’s single ‘I Really Wish I Hated You’ featuring vocals by Miley Cyrus recently emerged online, and Mark Hoppus sensationally confirmed it was a real, unreleased track.

Check out ‘Darkside’ by blink-182: