@beccaanela has sent in her praises for Travelers to the DBU team, and we’re super excited to share how much she’s in love with the band.

@beccaanela wanted to spread the news about her current fave band Travelers and told us what she loves about their music and their Instagram layout. All it took was for her to tag the band underneath one of our posts, and we got in contact with her right away!

How did you first discover Travelers?

“Well, I really like to support local music so I find random shows in Virginia Beach when I can and drag a friend with me. I think the first show I ever saw of Travelers was a battle of the bands at Shakas and they were amazing. They had the largest crowd, best energy, and for two guys without much of a crew, they did an amazing job setting up lights to enhance the whole experience. Some concerts are just live music, but Travelers put on a show.”

“After the show, I went home and downloaded all their music on Spotify and listened so I could sing along at the next one. Everyone should listen to their music. I love how relatable most of their lyrics are while still being metaphorical and fun to sort of decode. These guys are super quirky, you can just tell on their Instagram!”

“Plus they also push up local artists, like their collab with Every King & Commoner, the band that ended up winning the tie between the two of them at the battle of the bands finale. Not only should everyone give a listen to the music they’re putting out (my personal favourite is ‘I Don’t Belong Here’) but also try to make it to a show, its a whole new way to experience their music.”

Check out @beccaanela’s favourite Travelers song below

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