Welcome to a brand new weekly Don’t Bore Us feature, where we take you through our top ten fav tunes of the week! Some of these might be brand new, some might be a throwback. Either way, these ten tunes are guaranteed to get your week off to a good start.

1. Legends, Sleeping With Sirens

ICYMI, Sleeping With Sirens dropped this banger on us just a couple of days ago. If this is what their upcoming album is going to sound like, we’re very excited. Also, this song been announced as the theme song for the US Olympic Team! Play it loud, and feel like an olympian.

2. Tongue Tied, Our Last Night

If you aren’t already loving on Our Last Night, consider this your formal introduction. They dropped this single just over a month ago, but it continues to be one of our favs. They’re currently out on Warped Tour (and low-key appear to be going through something right now so maybe send the boys a little love, yeah?). Also, BONUS, they’ve made an entire video of hardcore covers of Nickelodeon show theme songs?!

3. Shooting Stars, Bag Raiders

Better known as a meme, this song is actually a hecking BOP, MY DUDES. It just puts you in such a good mood? Makes you want to boogie? You can’t have a bad day with this song as your soundtrack.

4. Stay, 30 Seconds to Mars

No offence but will a day ever go by that I don’t think about this specific cover of the Rihanna classic? Probably not. Jared Leto has us feeling a certain kind of way. This might be four years old, but let me tell you- no other cover has ever come close to touching this one. Fact. FACT.

5. Worth It, Openside

Openside are amazing for many reasons. This song is a self-affirmation anthem, and is just hecking fun. These guys are probably set to be your new fav band (they already have the tick of approval from Twenty One PilotsAll Time Low and Melanie Martinez). This one might be a couple of years old, but word on the street is their new single is coming VERY soon.

6. I Wanna, The All-American Rejects

Yeah, so The All-American Rejects have a couple of new singles out (and they are great). But this throwback just puts us in the best damn mood. If this doesn’t remind you of every teen-rom-com movie from 2008-2010, you haven’t seen enough of them. Go and watch House Bunny right now and revel in the fact that Tyson Ritter is the love interest in the movie, AND this song features in the movie.

7. It Ain’t Me, Kygo + Selena Gomez

Don’t laugh. We’re serious. This song is a serious bop, and Selena is a powerhouse. This is the anthem for anyone who still cares about someone no longer in their life, but who is learning to move on and let them make their own decisions and mistakes without you. So basically, super relatable.

8. Moods Like English Weather, The Gospel Youth

These guys are low-key a current favourite. Their dramatic, beautiful and sweeping choruses just can’t fail to get to your heart. This is the first single from their new album Always Lose which dropped literally 3 days ago. The whole album is great, and this is a great taster- think You Me At Six meets Fall Out Boy meets Moose Blood.

9. Monsoon, Tokio Hotel

This throwback goes out to anyone who had an awkward Tokio Hotel phase. This total banger is turning 10 this year (where has the time gone??). At one point these guys were the hottest German export, and frontman Bill Kaulitz had all the girls swooning with his porcupine hair-do and fantastic eyeliner. They’ve released three albums since this breakthrough moment, but still nothing can beat this song about the weather.

10. Northern Downpour, Panic at the Disco

Hey, have you cried yet today? Just wondering.

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