Since leaving Blink-182 to pursue other, alien-related creative pursuits, the most we’ve really heard from Tom Delonge is that he is working on a sci-fi movie about aliens and skateboarding. And that he can re-join Blink-182 whenever he’s ready.

Today that has all changed though, as he posted on Facebook that ‘it’ is almost here. Whatever ‘it’ is really remains to be seen. He’s given us exactly zero information on what ‘it’ he is referring to. But he’s sure that it will make sense to us later. Honestly? It’s just easier if you read what he said personally:

Hello, my name is Tom DeLonge and I created the band blink-182 years ago with a couple buddies. But I have something…

Posted by Tom DeLonge onFriday, July 21, 2017

Rather ominously, whatever it is is coming soon, and is about us. We’ll keep you in the loop as more details come to light.