There was a whole lot of lighthearted mimicry on SNL this weekend with Timothée Chalamet playing Harry Styles and being parodied himself too.

Game really does recognise game. As per Vogue, beautiful human being Chalamet was the host of the U.S. sketch show on Saturday, December 12th, and in one sketch pretended to be fellow beautiful human being Styles for a joke.

During a visit to the fictional The Dionne Warwick Talk Show (based on the legendary crooner’s recent affinity for sending out baffling tweets like a virtual loveable grandmother), the Call Me by Your Name star was interviewed under the guise of Styles.

Wearing some suitably baggy brown pants and fuzzy jumper, he introduced himself as a “singer” and “sensual fashion man.”

The topic of Styles’s huge hit ‘Watermelon Sugar’ arose, with Cha-sorry Styles stating that he thinks it’s about “summer” but others “think it’s about oral sex.” He then made sure to clarify “on a woman,” which really got Warwick (played by cast member Ego Nwodim) all aflutter.

It was a crossover to rival anything DC and Marvel could conjure, two Gen Z heartthrobs recognising one another’s envy-provoking curly locks and genial personalities.

Chalamet even unveiled a decent British accent for the occasion, a little more Brideshead Revisited than Styles’s croaky Middle English accent but we’ll still give him the credit.

To summarise the generational gap on show, when Warwick asked Styles to have his say on her feud with TV host Wendy Williams, he cluelessly responded, “I don’t who Wendy Williams is.”

It was a typical sketch made for viral success that SNL has been leaning into more and more recently. It comes just one week after Pete Davidson’s portrayed Slim Shady in a parody of the classic song ‘Stan’, but this time he was writing a letter to Santa Claus demanding a PS5. You and me both, Slim.

There was, naturally, a strong reaction online to the sketch.

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Chalamet then had the tables turned on him when cast member Chloe Fineman unleashed her irresistible impression of the actor, complete with relentless giggles and energetic shuffling.

Pete Davidson slouched on as a grouchy Machine Gun Kelly, Melissa Villaseñor looked exactly like Billie Eilish, as SNL really went to town on Gen Z’s newest celebrity figures.

Chalamet then ended the show with a mention of Styles in the goodbyes. “I guess I could say one thing, is treat others with kindness. And you know, we’ve all been through a crazy year. That can be something that sounds corny,” he said.

“Somebody else famous made it really well known, that saying, but… Harry Styles did it. I impersonated him two seconds ago. But it’s true, we could all do a little bit of kindness. Every little gesture counts.”

Check out the full SNL sketch: