@sophialyras and @stirlingsimon were just two among many who recommended we listen to Tiarnie on Instagram, so we’ve recruited their help to tell us just why we need to check out this artist!

You’ve recommended Tiarnie and we’ve listened, and have asked two of her biggest fans to let us know how they discovered this artist, and what they love about them!

Plenty of inspired fans of Tiarnie’s hit us up on the Don’t Bore Us Instagram, and so we chose two to speak to on their favourite artist at the moment. Many individuals were absolutely in love with this artist, showing us their favourite Instagram posts and talking about what lead them to find her posts! Check out the questions we did with a few of them below.

First up is @stirlingsimon, who found one of Tiarnie’s music video clips using #musicvideo. Since then, he’s been obsessed with her sound.

How did you discover Tiarnie?

“Tiarnie is the way to go. Instantly, I fell in love with her songwriting and the amount of vulnerability she puts into her material. I think people would relate to her songs 100% as she speaks out her mind.”

“Might I add, melody and instrumentation-wise, her music is insane. She and her band are way too good at what they do.”

“Also, I’m no expert in the grams but her posts seem to always be on point.”

We do have to agree, Tiarnie posts some aesthetic gems that draw the eye in. Explore more of Tiarnie and her incredible tunes below via her gram.

Next up is @sophialyras, who also tagged Tiarnie in our post looking for new discoveries.

What do you love about Tiarnie?

“I absolutely love her music and her stories that she shares with us through her songwriting. Tiarnie studies songwriting and always used to say she wasn’t going to be a singer and just a songwriter. Even though her songs were amazing I always told her she should produce music and sing because she has such a unique sound and vibe. She doesn’t sing about the usual love stories and she sings from her heart and about real-life events and emotions she has gone through.

“She absolutely is a new sound and I really want to see her achieve all her goals in life. I hope more and more people start hearing her voice and her stories because they are amazing and only getting better with every new song she releases. Not only will people fall in love with her stories but also her. She is such a beautiful person inside and out, she has the biggest heart and is absolutely supportive of everyone around her as well!

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