This is the kind of morale-boosting content we need. As week seven of lockdown comes to an end, we need a little iso pep talk to keep our spirits high. YouTuber Bilbo Swaggins has provided the perfect remedy. The musician has offered a self-isolation themed cover of blink-182’s Enema of the State track ‘Don’t Leave Me’.

The cover features lyrics that have been reimagined to reflect the coronavirus pandemic. Think flattening the curve, practising hygiene and keeping your mental health in check.

“Enema of the State is a sick album. Here’s a parody of a song from it! Stay safe and happy while social distancing, folks. We’ll make it through ‘rona together :)” Check it out below.

Check out ‘Don’t Leave Home’ parody of Blink-182’s ‘Don’t Leave Me’:


If you were wondering what the actual members of blink-182 were doing to kill time during isolation — Mark Hoppus recently took to social media to offer a definitive ranking of blink tracks. This was no half-pai attempt either, the bassist considered every single track that the band have released. A monolithic task when you consider the band have dropped eight records and two EP’s.

Whilst Mark Hoppus is keeping busy reflecting on the past, Tom DeLonge is embodying all things the future. In case you missed it, the Pentagon recently confirmed that DeLonge’s UFO Footage was legitimate. Aliens exist.

“The US Navy came out and mentioned that UFOs were real, and they mentioned my name. They were saying, ‘The videos that Tom DeLonge brought out were real and those were really UFOs and we’re watching these things and paying attention to these things.’

“The US Navy comes out and acknowledges that unidentified flying objects are very real, it’s the first time in history.”