@wingsgirl90 is a huge fan of The Wild and Free, and so she has decided to hit us up and tell us just why she loves this incredible band so much!

@wingsgirl90 wanted to spread the news about her current fave band The Wild and Free and told us what she loves about their music and their Instagram layout. All it took was for her to tag the band underneath one of our posts, and we got in contact with her right away!

According to her, she found the band entirely through Instagram after following some of her friends and their fave bands and also going through the tags she used on concert videos of her favourite bands. Eventually, she located The Wild and Free, and they inspired her so much through their posts that she simply had to check them out.

How did you first discover The Wild and Free?

“I discovered The Wild and Free through Instagram. When I first made my account, I followed some friends and a lot of my favourite bands. They must have found me possibly through some tags I used on my concert videos. Since the bands I love to go see are a similar genre/style, they requested me to follow them. I had gotten a few bands requesting me as well and while some of them interested me enough to follow them, The Wild and Free was the only one that stuck out to me.

“Their music instantly hooked me because it not only has a nostalgic feel to it but it also sounds fresh as well. They are a very new band but their sound is more of a band that has years of experience. I’m amazed at what they can do with no label and paying out of their pocket for everything. The production of their songs is so well done and they have very nice instrumentals.”

Why should more people listen to their music?

“I feel like people should listen to their music if they like alternative pop/rock music that is fun and upbeat. I think that fans of bands like Paramore, Against the Current and Fall Out Boy would enjoy their music. They are also continuously releasing new songs to keep fans interested and coming back for more. They do fan q&as and are very responsive and friendly on Instagram. I’ve had quite a few conversations with them myself and they are super grateful for everyone’s support.

“And also, this is a super fun music video (they always have really good music videos with a lot of thought put into them). They like to have fun and not be too serious!”

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