On January 29th, Cleveland sweethearts The Sonder Bombs will unveil their second album, Clothbound. 

The band have given us a taste of what to expected with brand-new single, ‘The One About You’, a woozy, introspective slice of indie-pop heaven that has us yearning for the days spent pouring over the Juno soundtrack.

“If I remember right, “The One About You” was one of the first five or so songs I ever wrote.” explains singer-songwriter Willow Hawks. “Over the past couple years I’ve worked it over and over again trying to change it and make it better. The most magical thing to me now is how it came out exactly the way I imagined it when I first wrote it. I’m grateful we kept that tenderness.”

It’s the third track we’ve heard from the forthcoming record, following the fantastic ‘What Are Friends For’ and ‘Crying Is Cool.’ It’s the kind of music that encapsulates all the weird, intrinsic anxieties of being young and synthesises those ugly feelings into music that is genuinely forgiving.

To celebrate the release of ‘The One About You’, we got The Sonder Bombs to talk us through their 5 favourite things about the music scene of their hometown in Cleveland. So pop on the track below and immerse yourself in their world.

Check out ‘The One About You’ by The Sonder Bombs:

Mahall’s 20 Lanes

Listen, Mahall’s is a second home to this band. We’ve played the most intense/ life-changing/emotional/fun shows of our career there. This is the centre of the scene we came up in. The staff? BADASS. The vibes? SICK AS FUCK. The food? UNMATCHED. Pre-covid you could show up randomly and it’s guaranteed some friends will be there. I can’t tell you how much we really owe to this venue.

Bowling Green’s Music Scene

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Bowling Green is 2 hours outside of Cleveland but it feels like an extension. The Summit Shack was the first out-of-town gig we did and it’s been really cool to watch the DIY scene there grow exponentially over the years. Conor Alan & the rest of the shack team have cultivated a beautiful space & I’m grateful we get to be a part of that. Safety, Accessibility, and Inclusion are their top priority and I think most scenes could definitely take notes.

Biitchseat & Teamonade

Biitchseat is probably the first local Cleveland band we really connected with on a deep level. They are some of our closest friends and phenomenal songwriters! We met Osi of Teamonade in BG. I remember following her on Instagram and falling in love with both her art and her early demos (which eventually became Teamonade songs). AND Osi made the art for our debut record ‘MODERN FEMALE ROCKSTAR’.

Take This To Heart Records Staff & Office

Our family!!! The office in Cleveland houses the hardest working people we know. They’re all endlessly passionate and excited about what they do so it’s a treat to be able to be so close to where the magic happens.

Grog Shop

Grog Shop is iconic in the Cleveland scene. This venue has been around since the beginning of time. They’ve hosted every band you can possibly think of. This is also the venue where we opened for Hop Along and met Joe the first time last year! Crazy that we then recorded ‘Clothbound’ with him in Philly soon after.