With the year on its way out, we thought we’d go through the most popular stories as read by you lot on Don’t Bore Us over 2020.

2020, it wasn’t good knowing you. The toughest, roughest of years is – finally – coming to its conclusion and we for one can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store (it surely can’t get anyone worse).

Despite the travails of the past 12 months, there sure was a lot of music news to wade through. With this in mind, below is a list of the most read articles on DBU in 2020. Why not reminisce about some of the not-so-horrifying things that occurred this past year?

Top Pop Story

Harry Styles meets Fall Out Boy for the most unexpected but incredible mashup that you didn’t know you needed.

Harry Styles and Fall Out Boy make for an unlikely partnership in mashup

Top Emo Story

We hope our list helped you discover some new favourites and remember some old classics of the genre.

15 emo classics that helped to shape the genre

Top My Chemical Romance Story

A genre unto themselves, you were particularly intrigued by the shock reentry into the Billboard charts of an old MCR album.

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My Chemical Romance reenter the Billboard charts and fans are concerned

Top Hayley Williams and/or Paramore Story

Paramore and Williams will never not keep you lot entertained. Williams hinting that the band might return to an older sound had you excited for the band’s future.

Hayley Williams says Paramore could return to older sound on next record

Top K-pop Story

As K-pop continued to take over the entire world, our list of girl groups helped engulf you even further into the exploding genre.

10 K-pop girl groups to know if you’re looking for somewhere to start

Top “Those Fans Are Alright” Story

Another K-pop related story and it’s a gem: we all loved when the genre’s fans took on President Trump himself.

K-pop fans are back trolling Trump again and it’s hilariously glorious