While the alt-pop band, The Million might be inspired by late-night rage and MTV, they’re doing a damn fine job of carving out their own space in the genre.

Now in 2021, the band have certainly hit the ground running with their latest single, ‘Last Call’, via Island Records Australia.

Alongside the release of the single, they also went to work on an accompanying video clip.

Because they clearly know how to give the people what they want, they also took the liberty of shooting some of their own behind-the-scenes snaps from the set of ‘Last Call’.

Check out The Million’s photo diary from the ‘Last Call’ music video.

The Million
“One of our favourite photos taken on the day by Chase Martin, our resident photographer & mortal enemy.”

The Million
“This was just after the shoot had ended. Jacob and Tamon with Ash Lim (Director), Dodge Pangburn (Lighting/Set Design King) and Billy Zammit (DOP). Fun fact: Billy & Ash had one cup of coffee for every beer they drank here after the shoot just so they could stay up all night & edit the video after we had left.”

The Million
“A photo from what I can only presume is a better part of Giuliana’s day. Someone crashed into her uber right outside the building where we were shooting as she was arriving. She came out unscathed but damn what a way to start a day of filming.”

The Million
“We snuck off down to the water for a little bit with BTS cameraman Chase while Jacob was shooting the bedroom scene. Tamon was lucky enough to get the moodiest photo of him & Jay.”

The Million
“Our beautiful friend Oliver Kirby getting the creases out of Jacob’s infamous outfit.”

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The Million
“Leaving you with this dreamy photo of Jay and Mac saying goodbye & thanking you for reading about the day we filmed last call.”

Watch the music video for ‘Last Call’ by The Million below.