Podcasts have truly taken over in 2017 as a medium used to delve deep into issues and express ideas that may get lost in writing or visual mediums. We trust The Maine’s opinion on pretty much everything, so listening to them speak for hours on end, musing on the topics of life, love and floral suits would seem like a total dream.

The ever-wholesome band, who are touching down in Australia next year, have announced they’ll be launching their very own ‘8123’ podcast in 2018. According to Pat Kirne’s tweets, the show will include “random topics each week, interviewing friends and other bands”, adding that it’ll be “something fun to listen to next time you’re stuck in traffic.”

He also gave a small insight into who fans could expect to hear chat on the podcast, hinting at interviews with fellow musicians such as David Knox of Real Friends and Kevin Jordan of This Wild Life. Pat also tweeted about how there’ll be episodes in which the band discuss each of their albums in full, with their detailed dive into Forever Halloween already finished.

The band is currently taking fan requests in regards to what they’d like to hear discussed on the podcast – want to hear The Maine chat about the virtues of collectible teacups or why Steve is actually the best character on Stranger Things? This could be the chance to have your dreams come to fruition.

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