Check out The Drained, a California alt/skate/garage punk fusion band who are creating searing punk projects as they prepare to release an EP in the upcoming months. Oh, and they’re also saving dogs from inhumane dogfighting on the side. What legends.

UP THE PUNX MAG & GUTTURAL RIOT PRESENT: PUNKS AGAINST DOGFIGHTING VOL 1, may seem like a hard title to wrap your head around, but if you take the time to break it down, you’ll realise that The Drained are up to something special.

Led by frontwoman B.B. Kates (@zombbkates on Instagram), The Drained are an up and coming skate-punk-meets-garage-punk band that we found when we were trying to look for some fresh new tunes in the music tab of Instagram Explore. Thanks to her shining resemblances to legendary female-lead punk bands we know and love today, we just had to check her out.

It was Friday afternoon and the DBU office wanted to play some fresh punk music to end the week with a bang until we realised that everything we played was stuff we’ve all heard on repeat for years.

So I took to the Instagram Explore page on our DBU account, which never lets us down when it comes to new discoveries. Once we switched to the music tab in Explore, we were met with so many fantastic bands, some brand new and some incredibly familiar.

Instantly our eyes locked onto the picture of The Drained below, glowing with a red background. We even posted the pic onto our own Instagram because we were so enamoured by it. To make a long story short, this post, which had no hashtags, lead to us discovering a brand new band that we’re absolutely in love with.

With over 13,000 followers on YouTube, you may recognise the voice and look of The Drained’s leading powerhouse, who makes videos on the side as bassbabebri.

Their first track, ‘Lycanthropy’, really does live up to its name, bringing out the inner werewolf in all of us as it salutes the raising moon with dizzying guitars and extraordinary vocals. Think Paramore under a full moon, that’s The Drained summed up in one sentence.

However, comparisons wouldn’t be fair for this band, who are setting up to release brand new music in the upcoming months and have proven themselves across their Instagram posts to be incredible live performers with something to say.

Spreading awareness for both the Amazon fires and animal cruelty in dogfighting, The Drained use their voice to make improvements upon the world, proving that punk with a purpose is still very much alive and well.

Below you can see Punks Against Dog Fighting Vol. 1, which features ‘Lycanthropy’ from the band on its stellar tracklist of songs.

You can check out the full album here on Bandcamp.

Check out ‘Lycanthropy’ by The Drained:

(Article Header Image shot by Jay Kantor @kungfubreakfast)