Modern-day icon and chart-topper Taylor Swift may be known for her romantic hits and irresistible pop tunes, but it looks like she has officially joined the scene after attending what she described as the “most emo dinner party” alongside Pete Wentz and Brendon Urie.

Taylor Swift recently stopped by Beats 1 with Zane Lowe where she discussed her new album Lover, getting into character for the upcoming Cats film, and most importantly, the emo dinner party.

After being asked if she was an “emo kid”, Swift delved into the impressive gathering she attended hosted by Brendon Urie himself, who worked with Swift on ‘ME!’

“I was actually at the most emo dinner party the other night,” Swift begins. “Brendon Urie and Sarah, his amazing wife, had me over. I show up, and it’s like Brendon and Pete Wentz sitting next to each other, and I just got to ask them every single question.

“Pete Wentz is probably—if I had to pick a favourite lyricist—it would be a tie between him and Lana Del Rey,” Swift continues. “‘Blank Space’ is a song that’s just zingers, one after another after another, which I definitely learned from listening to Fall Out Boy.”

You can see a clip of the interview below and check out the full interview here.

Swift has mentioned her love for Fall Out Boy before as well, in an interview with Rolling Stone.

“I love Fall Out Boy so much,” Swift told Rolling Stone. “Their songwriting really influenced me, lyrically, maybe more than anyone else. They take a phrase and they twist it. ‘Loaded God complex/ Cock it and pull it’? When I heard that, I was like, ‘I’m dreaming’.”

The dinner party also isn’t the first time Swift has crossed paths with Wentz. Just six years ago, she teamed up with FOB to perform at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Check out that throwback below.