After receiving Taylor Swift’s newest single, ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ last week, fans have been pretty keen to hear what’s next for Tay Tay. Well it looks like we can have a sneak peek right now, thanks to Taylor sneaking the track into a TV ad.

As Vulture reports, folks who just happened to be watching the Alabama-FSU football game on Saturday night were given quite the treat, with Taylor Swift sneaking in a preview of her newest song.

Backed by images of college football teams and their supporters doing what they do best, Taylor Swift’s ‘Ready For It’ serves a perfect track to promote football, or to be used in sporting events.

This new Taylor Swift song also comes a week after the singer announced a new way to buy tickets to her upcoming tour which left a lot of fans questioning some of the seemingly-shady motives behind it.

Of course, the only question that we have no is, when is the full version of the track dropping? Don’t get us wrong, we’re absolutely stoked to have the one-minute preview, but we’d sort of like to have the whole thing if we can.

Fans have already started editing the Wikipedia page for Taylor’s new album Reputation, listing ‘Ready For It’ as the opening track on the record. Of course, this could all be unfounded, since Taylor’s official website doesn’t yet list it on the record.

Well, whenever the track drops is fine by us, but we’re hoping it comes sooner rather than later, because this waiting is just getting us all antsy.

Check out the TV ad which saw Taylor Swift’s ‘Ready For It’ previewed to the world, courtesy of ESPN.

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