Australia’s hot-bed of talent has quickly allowed for our humble nation to become the utmost authority when it comes to pop punk and emo. With acts like Trophy Eyes, Columbus and Tonight Alive recognised as leaders of the scene-sphere, it’s easy to understand why a sudden wave of enthusiasm has swept our shores, producing artists who are destined for world domination.

With the emo revival allowing for acts to build on the foundations of the genre and amplify what makes it great, Stuck Out are showcasing the distinctive Australian take the style’s fundamentals – You Won’t Come Home is a narrative that ebbs and flows in every direction growing up, finding yourself and overcoming tribulation, expressed in a succinct one-two punch of catchy choruses and gripping hooks.

Having just signed to Aussie heavyweights and champs of showcasing local talent, Greyscale Records, Stuck Out have quickly garnered a rep as one of the country’s premier pop punk acts. Cutting their teeth touring alongside international favourites like Moose Blood and Real Friends, it’s clear the band have taken cues from these world-class acts, using them to enhance their own skillful songwriting chops.

Frustration, bleakness, and grieving are simultaneously manifested and fought through with blistering instrumentals that pay homage to the band’s influences. The EP follows a familiar narrative of finding yourself in trying moments that test patience and strength, however, not giving in to the pain by learning from mistakes and appreciating the beauty in darker moments.

Stitch opens the EP with a timeless, pop punk staple – an octave chord riff that reverberates with a swelling force, catapults track into a fest of angst and pure, unadulterated emotion. Palm muted notes garnish the cradling chugs that act as the perfect cornerstone for frontman Josh Walker’s deeply introspective lyricism and gruff-yet-melodic vocal delivery.

The perfect equilibrium between somber pondering and aggression is encompassed perfectly in ‘Linger‘, a pure showcase modern emo poeticism. “Home isn’t a place, it’s a state of mind” is tailor-made to be shouted in sweaty mosh-pits whilst that tracks soaring yet subtle guitar leads balance the songs heavy foundations.

Smooth and intensely melancholic ‘Weight’ is a lesson in loss with its meandering drums making for a near-hypnotic listening experience, whilst ‘Grin‘ features a riff that’d put Knuckle Puck to shame in its ability to convey both aggression and emotion.

The layered textures and personal lyrics that dance over an otherwise uplifting instrumental is reminiscent of The Story So Far on the scorching closer ‘Self Doubt’ in which its textured harmonies that elevate the tracks hook-laden chorus.

You Won’t Come Home is an extremely impressive release that showcases a band who are clearly shooting for the stages of Slum Dunk festival and international headliners. With sweeping choruses, seering lyricism and tight instrumentation like this, it won’t be long until Stuck Out become yet another homegrown hero story.