Sydney’s homegrown heroes Stand Atlantic have announced that they will be playing a special one-off show in Sydney this weekend. Oh, and it’s free.

On Sunday evening, the band will descend the stage of Frankie’s Pizza to deliver a blistering set chock-a-block with their sleek, pop-punk goodness. They want you to wholly embrace the spooky system and dress up in your best Halloween fit. Good luck finding something that can withhold the sweatbox lair that is Frankie’s Pizza, mind you.

Frankie’s has a tendency to pack out real quickly, so if you’re simply fanging for a piping hot serving of Stand Atlantic, get in STAT.

Last week, the band celebrated the one year anniversary of their debut record, Skinny Dipping. They also dropped a juicy little hint that they’re cooking up a follow-up record. I am overwhelmed.

Stat released their first new song since Skinny Dipping, last month. ‘Hate Me (Sometimes)’ further cements the band as this countries pop-punk front runners. It’s just a blissful nugget of hook-laden excellence. Check it out below.

Watch: Stand Atlantic – ‘Hate Me (Sometimes)’

Back in June, Stand Atlantic joined forces with saxophone-wielding juggernaut Alex Lahey on a reworked version of their track ‘Skinny Dipping’.

All sales from the single go towards the It Gets Better Project, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to “uplift, empower, and connect lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer youth around the globe.”

“Skinny Dipping is about the push and pull of accepting yourself for who you are vs. how you want others to see you and catering to what you think they expect or want,” Bonnie Fraser explained at the time. “In this case, I was dealing with my sexuality. Having Lahey on this track was exciting for us – I feel like we are from different music worlds and breaking those boundaries and expectations is important, and essentially what this track encompasses as a whole!”