Newcastle punks Split Feed are bearing the torch for Australian pop-punk. The punks have just released their second EP Second Skin, and oh boy, it’s a bloody marvel. Brimming with luscious choruses and sweeping hooks, it’s one of the finest Aussie pop-punk releases of the year.

Second Skin is a metaphor for strengthening your defence at times when you need it the most, growing another layer of skin that acts as armour and deflecting all the things that may knock you down,” says frontman Joe Willis. “I’ve always seen myself as quite a weak person, and I’ve always found it difficult to speak my mind in times where I have needed to…it’s something I’ve been trying to get together for a long time.”

The EP was recorded alongside Sydney legend Fletcher Matthews (Dear Seattle, CLEWS, Sweater Curse).

To celebrate the release of the EP, we got the band to talk us through their top 5 Grand Final performances, because why not. So chuck on Second Skin and relish in the glory of Meatloaf absolutely cooking it in front of the nation.

5. Meatloaf cooking it in front of 100,000 people (AFL 2011 Grand Final) 

This performance is less known for its quality and more for its comedic value. Unfortunately for the ‘Loaf, the whole performance kind of seems like he’s doing a really bad karaoke version of his own songs, which makes this one stand out as one of the most entertaining finals performances the country has ever seen. Great stuff.

4. The Killers actually killing it at the AFL 2017 Grand Final

Truly great AFL or NRL Grand Final performances are pretty hard to come by, but this Killers performance in 2017 was exactly that. Regardless of how you feel about the killers, you cannot deny their extensive list of absolute bangers, and their mid-set cover of Midnight Oils “Forgotten Years” is just the cherry on top.

3.  Good Charlotte perfecting the art of the sideways snapback at the 2012 NRL Grand Final

Good Charlotte is a bit of a guilty (or not so guilty) pleasure of ours so this performance is definitely one of the more memorable ones for us. This was during that weird time where the Madden brothers were trying super hard to force themselves into Australian culture and even tried sporting as much rugby league memorabilia as they possibly could during the performance (note that they were wearing Bulldogs and Rabbitohs merch even though it was a Bulldogs v Storm match). Although they may have looked pretty daggy, “I Don’t Wanna Be In Love” still rips.

2. Hoodoo Gurus performing the undisputed NRL anthem for the last time in 2007

The amount of nostalgia this song gives us is almost overwhelming. Although the Gurus 1987 hit “What’s my Scene?” is an outstanding track on its own merit, their 2003 re-work of the song “That’s my Team” will forever stand the test of time. Hoodoo Gurus could perform this at every single Grand Final match and I don’t think anyone would complain.

  1. The Newcastle Knights performance in the 1997 ARL Grand Final 

“20 seconds on the clock… Albert will play the ball… 21 metres away…Down the blind Andrew Johns… Inside for Albert… Albert will score! Albert will score! Newcastle has won the Grand Final!”. To this day, these words are more than enough to send shivers up the spine of any proud Novocastrian (such as ourselves). We know this isn’t actually a musical performance, but Alberts try is quite possibly the best thing anyone from Newcastle has ever done and as a city, we are forever in debt to him. Can’t wait for the Knights to go undefeated in the 2020 season and bring home the trophy yet again.