Skyway are finally back with a new EP after a long hiatus so we sat down with the group for a super serious chat about life and music.

After much anticipation over their long-awaited return, Skyway are finally back after an eight-year hiatus and they have a new EP, Hope Floats, Love Sinks, to boot as well.

Since it’s been a long time since we’ve heard anything from the band, we decided to have a very “serious” chat to Skyway about what they got up to during their hiatus, their new EP, and what’s the difference between Skyway of 2010 and Skyway of 2020 (spoilers: not much).

So what exactly have each of you been doing the last few years?

We have been working on film sets, going to uni, being tradies, making tech apps, getting married and having a baby.

What made everyone go “you know what, now’s the time to group up again?”

The money, chicks and drugs obviously… but in all seriousness we miss playing music and having fun doing it!

Do you feel like you’re having to start from the beginning again given your long break or was it like you had never left?

It does feel like a new chapter really, but change is as good as a holiday.

How did it feel to dust off all those old songs again?

Well, for the first couple of run-throughs they sounded like absolute dog shit, but eight years will do that, [Laughs]. We are starting to tighten it all up though.

Check out ‘Birthdays’ by Skyway:

With COVID-19 wreaking havoc on everything, did this affect any of Skyway’s plans to return?

We definitely didn’t plan on releasing the EP during a pandemic, but that’s just how it goes sometimes. We really didn’t want to wait any longer, so here we are!

The music scene has changed quite a bit since you were last together – social media is much more of a thing, tastes have changed a bit – were you worried that you wouldn’t have a place since things have moved on or did you settle back in nicely?

It’s not really a thing we took into account really, we just wanted to make something we liked and enjoyed and just wanted to make music again and play.

What’s been the biggest difference between Skyway circa 2010 and Skyway of 2020? (Outside of age and COVID)

Nothing really, still smashing bowls and tins like madmen.

The long hiatus must’ve affected how you view music and the world around you, did this seep into the new EP?

Of course, time has a way of making you see a different perspective, I definitely felt that making this EP

‘Hope Floats, Love Sinks’ is quite an interesting title in that it sounds pretty grim yet there’s a sense of optimism as well. How did that come about?

We didn’t really have a name for the EP until earlier in the year, it’s the lyric line off the song ‘Cut The Ties’ on the EP and at the time, during lockdown when COVID was going mental it really seemed like it not only summarized the EP content but also the feeling at that time.

Can you give us a quick track by track rundown of what to expect on the EP?

‘Above Snakes’ – Directed by Quentin Tarantino
‘Cut The Ties’ – Fast fun one with some yelly bits and a mosh part
‘Heart Anchor – A song to cry to in the shower
‘Glasshouse – Bundy Rum theme song
‘The Day You Went Away’ – Not as good as the original

Check out ‘Heart Anchor’ by Skyway: