We came across Skylar Kergil while perusing #cover for some sweet acoustic covers on Instagram, but we struck gold in this artist instead, and we need to share him with you.

Acceptance, love, and equality is the mantra of Skylar Kergil, an absolutely talented musician from across the pond that we came across through Instagram. Not only is he a transgender man who speaks out on LGBTQ+ issues constantly, but he is also just a genuinely amazing guy.

Just take a gander at his page, the guy is honest, true and boy can he sing. He’s posted quite a few covers and acoustic versions of songs on his wall, but this one stuck out to us as a highlight. Check out his cover of ‘Left for Dead’ by Citizen Cope below.

Check out Skylar Kergil singing ‘Left for Dead’ by Citizen Cope

With a pretty bustling YouTube career that went on pause for about a year, Skylar recently took to the ‘gram to announce that he will be releasing a brand new EP, and will also return to YouTube to grace us with some more singer-songwriter content and also content about the trans experience.

Skylar’s voice is one that needs to be heard. Right now in the music scene, we have some pretty incredible trans and queer artists like Against Me’s Laura Jane Grace, but there’s not nearly enough. There’s plenty of room for great musicians who happen to be queer or queer-adjacent to dominate the arena.

So upon discovering Skylar, you could imagine our excitement about the fact that there are more LGBTQ+ people out there killing it in the game than we could ever have imagined. You better believe we will be streaming that new EP!

On one post, Skylar wrote: “I want to let all my trans and nonbinary friends know – I love you, I see you, and you are valid.” It’s this kind of message that needs to be spread, and we’re just glad people are using their voices to spread it.

Check out ‘Brothers’ by Skylar Kergil