It’s been 18 years since we heard the story of ‘Sk8er Boi’ that Avril Lavigne penned. And now, thanks to some enthusiastic young guns on TikTok, we’ve got an update on what went down in the relationship, in the form of a parody.

Unfortunately for the ballerina and punk – like many modern-day romances – they experienced far from a fairytale ending.

Former American Idol contestant and TikTok user @jaxwritessongs has made quite the name for herself on the social media platform for sharing parody videos. Her latest vid details that unfortunately things went sour between the ‘Sk8er Boi’ pair and that they ended up getting divorced.

Before you roll your eyes at the mere mention of Tik Tok, this little snippet is seriously impressive and definitely worth your thirty seconds. The hilarious video features herself and Liam @leum.cozack recreating the iconic song with some gold lyrics and an interesting update which we’ve detailed below.

Liam: “I’m sk8er boy.”

Jaxx: “I’ve Avril Lavigne, 18 years later, can you believe?”

Liam: “Weed’s not a drug.”

Jaxx: “We’re getting divorced.”

Liam: “I cheated ONCE when I went on tour.”

Jaxx: “You’re still a sk8er boi.”

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Liam: “So what if I’m unemployed?”

Jaxx: “You literally slept in ’til 3.”

Liam: “Punk rock is still alive.”

Jaxx: “Ok but you’re 35.”

Liam: “Well you’re not as hot as you used to be.”

The clip has taken the internet by storm with 1.6 million likes 51,400 shares. But it’s not Jax’s first rodeo when it comes to Tik Tok parodies, she’s also recreated ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘Hey There Delilah’. However, our fav of her videos is her remake of ‘Stacy’s Mom’ told from the perspective of Stacy’s Mom.

However, Jax isn’t the first to garner attention for creating celebrity parodies. Last year Twitter user, Jack William Rodgers, sent out quite the message to anti-vaxxers with a Panic! At the Disco parody, and YouTuber ‘Girlfriend Reviews’ made a quarantine banger out of Billie Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy’.

Watch the video below:

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