Do you love both All Time Low and Blink-182? Together, their frontmen make Simple Creatures, and they’re currently working on new music during quarantine.

Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low teamed up with Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus to form Simple Creatures just last year. Since then, they’ve toured down under at Good Things Festival, and have released two EPs – Strange Love and Everything Opposite.

Now, they’ve revealed via an interview with NME that they’re spending their time during quarantine working on new music for their side project. “We’re already working on potential quarantine music while we’re all on lockdown,” Gaskarth stated.

Hoppus is “in Idaho – he escaped while he still could – and I’m stuck home in Maryland, so we won’t be doing it in person but we’re sending ideas back and forth and we’re always talking about what the next steps are for Simple Creatures. It’s in the works.”

Although Gaskarth just shared in the release All Time Low’s newest album Wake Up, Sunshine, he revealed that he is ready to hop straight back into music saying that he’s “actually felt pretty inspired” and wants “to dive back in already.”

Back in December, the pop punk duo teased that they were contemplating a third EP, or potential album by saying that it is “highly, highly anticipated and extremely speculative.”

Taking on the true nature of the project, Simple Creatures stated that they don’t plan to “really work in cycles or in the traditional mould of how bands often operate.”

“That’s been really liberating for us; we can kind of get together when the time is right and make music. And if it’s enough songs to be a record, it’s a record, if it’s enough songs to be an EP, it’s an EP, and if it’s two songs it’s two songs.”

“We’re just going to be dynamic and nimble, and that just keeps it feeling fun, and it keeps people really on their toes and anticipating whatever’s next.”

With everyone currently stuck at home amid social distancing restrictions due to COVID-19, Gaskarth has stated that he’s really just trying to remain occupied.

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“You’ve got to find things to do that are positive when you’re self isolating and quarantining at home,” he explained. “It’s not good to do nothing. So my goal is to write songs and connect with people – I’ve even talked to just some random friends who are writers about doing FaceTime calls where we write songs.”

While there is no set date or additional details of the new music, fans are quite hopeful as both members are from absolutely iconic bands in the world of pop-punk music.

Check out ‘Strange Love’ by Simple Creatures: