Ask anyone, we dare you, and they’ll say music fans in the scene are the most fun, wholesome, ride-or-die people you’ll ever meet. It’s because of this, that here at Don’t Bore Us HQ, we want to connect more with those we already love so much.

Don’t Bore Us has partnered with Instagram to shine a big FOB purple light on the fact that music fans use Insta to discover new acts, and more of the music they love.

It’s a global first actually. So for a whole month Don’t Bore Us will be transformed with Instagram being the sole inspiration for everything we write about. This is where you come in…

We’d like to write about what you – yes you with the side fringe – are all about. We want to feature your obsessions, your hot takes, your top picks, and everything in between.

Love that illustration of Pete Wentz? Tag us.

Want to bring attention to the hashtag you’re living for (like #hotgirlsummer or #brendonurieart), DM it to us.

Want to show us what you’re into and have us write about YOU? Take a screenshot of your Instagram Explore page and we’ll get right to it.

We can’t wait to write about all the hidden gems you’ve shown us on Instagram.

If you’d like to get involved – and be featured on Don’t Bore Us – simply:

1) DM us your favourite hashtag to follow and we’ll write about what we find
2) Tag @dontboreus in your fav cover song clip, gig video, fan art piece, musician-inspired makeup etc.

And we’ll write about it.