Free-flowing R&B with melodies that simply make us melt, we need to take a moment to talk about Sydney singer-songwriter Kyden.

#acoustic is an absolute treasure trove full of gems, and we’ve managed to find this singer-songwriter from Sydney that you need to hear right now. All we did was type #acoustic into the hashtag search on Instagram, and we were met with thousands of incredible posts.

We were only able to find Kyden through Instagram since he wisely put #acoustic on his post, and that’s where we saw his video of just him with his guitar. First of all, the man looks impossibly cool, so our eyes were immediately locked on, but secondly, his voice is golden.

Once he starts singing everything else just seems to melt away.

Kyden has come out onto the scene with his first single ‘Make It Up To You’, which is simply phenomenal for a debut. An R&B-tinged jam with pop sensibilities, Kyden glides over irresistible beats with his silken voice. It’s pure magic.

Check out his acoustic version of his latest single below:

He’s got the voice, he’s got the songwriting talent, is there honestly anything Kyden doesn’t have?

Hailing from the streets of Sydney, these are only early beginnings for the artist, and we absolutely cannot wait to see what he does next.

You better be streaming the brand new song, following the account and becoming initiated. Kyden is going places, and we’re just so glad we discovered him through Instagram before he blew up.

Okay now let’s just take another moment to admire this new Sydney musician. ‘Make It Up To You’ has the prowess of a song from someone who has been in the scene for a while.

It’s simply mind-boggling how this track came to be from this young artist, who takes inspiration from the likes of Tommy Emmanuel and Sungha Jung. Our only criticism is that there isn’t even more music out for us to binge on.

Listen to ‘Make It Up To You’ by Kyden