@mjpartin wanted to let us know that her new favourite band is Rivals, and that if you aren’t on the fandom train by now, you definitely need to hop on! Don’t worry there’s still time.

After tagging our post looking for new artists to listen to with “@wearervls” (Rivals), we got into contact with @mjpartin as apart of our fan submission series, to find out just what she loves about the band.

We ended up finding out so much about the band, such as the ways that their music and Instagram posts have inspired @mjpartin, and why more people should really be discovering this band.

So what are you waiting for! Hop onto their Instagram linked below and find out if Rivals are for you. Who knows, you may even find more exciting bands that they’ve performed with when you check out their posts from live shows.

How did you first find out about Rivals?

“I discovered Rivals through American Avenue, a rock cover band. Kalie Wolfe, the lead singer of Rivals, sang a cover for them and I fell in love with her voice. I did some research on her and found Rivals! Since then, I’ve done nothing but love and support them.”

What do you love about Rivals?

“I love them because they’re passionate about what they do and I can hear it through their music. And, every single band member are just the sweetest human beings ever! They truly love their fans and they’re incredibly talented.”

We checked out Kalie Wolfe’s (the lead singer) own individual Instagram and it’s just as awesome. There’s nothing more inspiring to us than discovering new female-lead bands fronted by badass women leading the charge.

“I would recommend Rivals to people who are looking for female-lead bands because there aren’t a lot of female bands today. I would recommend listening to ‘Damned Soul’ because it’s truly art. It’s got that true rock essence in it and I love it, so I recommend it to every rock music lover out there :)”

What do you love about Rivals Instagram?

“When it comes to their Instagram, they mostly post tour photos, which I love because it makes me happy to see them perform in front of people. They’re really underrated and the little things like that make me proud.”

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