We are patiently waiting for the day Nina Nesbitt pens her smash hit that catapults her into one of the biggest singer/ songwriters globally, but for now, last night team DBU had the chance to check her out in an intimate setting at Baby’s Alright in Brooklyn (thankfully before she starts selling out arenas).

If you’re not familiar with her tracks, they have you feeling all types of emotions. Once I had exhausted Lana Del Rey and Halsey following a sh*tty breakup, my friend told me to listen to Nina. I’ve never looked back.

Popping up on a neon lit stage, she already has herself a group of loyal fans, one in particular wearing a Mr. C shirt in reference to her song. It’s no surprise why she was relating to it with lyrics like “I’ve come to conclusion you’re quite fit, but I’m under no illusion you’re a dick,” we feel that.

Nina performed both new and old songs, flipping from keys to guitar and keeping the beat all at the same time. She engaged the crowd with honest stories behind the inspiration to some of her tunes… “You know when you go through a breakup, and you’re constantly checking his instagram, then you look at his tagged photos and see some OTHER girl… she better not be hotter than me. Oh wait, she’s pretty and probably smart.” Yep, we’ve all done it and thankfully she blessed our ears with ‘The Best You Had’.

The stand out track from the night was ‘Chewing Gum’. Vocally, flawless and delivered with incredible amounts of sass. Think Hey Violet’s ‘Fuqboi’ stripped back, and we have ourselves a winner. You can check it out here on our Twitter.

At only 23, the best is yet to come. Her new single ‘Somebody Special’ is out now, and an album is on the way! (And yes, she is the girl Ed Sheeran wrote ‘Nina’ and ‘Photograph’ about. Subtle Ed, reeeaalll subtle.)