Photo: Mae Krell

I’m not sure if I’ve just had my heart ripped out or I am the happiest I’ve ever been? Echosmith’s show last night at Irving Plaza in New York, left the crowd feeling all types of emotions.

Bursting onto stage with rainbow coloured confetti, the band opened up to a packed house with their track ’18’. Lead singer Sydney’s vocals were no less than flawless, and I didn’t know I needed a light up tambourine in my life, until I saw hers.

When discussing Echosmith in the industry, people are often quick to mention they’re siblings. Yes, they come from a great gene pool, but I find the most impressive thing is they’re all multi-instrumentalists. 

Noah went from bass to smashing out vocals, covering Death Cab For Cutie’s ‘I Will Follow You Into The Dark’, which they mixed with their track ‘Bright.’ Sydney effortlessly played the drums for a track, and as for Graham, we’d talk to his percussion skills, but we’re still trying to process the fact he’s ONLY 19!!

The energy was high and the beats, popped, and fans knew every word. With honest lyrics like, “You take the pretty and colour it dark/ My only grievance is a broken heart”, it’s no wonder the connection with the audience was evident.

Echosmith played all their biggest tracks with ’Terminal’ being the standout from the night… it was like watching The Notebook for the first time, it hits you hard. Their cover of The Killers ‘While You Were Young’ needs a mention as well. One word: brilliant.

Before closing the set with their hit ‘Cool Kids’, they left an adoring New York room with two simple messages.

  1. You are not alone.
  2. You are loved.

If we weren’t already obsessed with Echosmith, this cements it.