Real talk, this was an emotional journey in to how many of our fav bands have broken up, or gone on hiatus. It’s been a heartbreaking experience. And I know we’ll likely be inundated with comments and tweets saying “_____ IS NEVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER, MOVE ON”, but honestly you can go ahead and blame Fall Out Boy for the fact that I will never give up on band reunions. Believers never die.

Here’s our list of 13 bands we want to see have a reunion in 2017:

1. Hey Monday


Oh, Hey Monday. Your short life ended far too soon. These guys were signed to the first iteration of Pete Wentz’ label Decaydance, and they brought the emo bops. They were only around for 3 years before going on hiatus in 2011, with vocalist Cassadee Pope going on to win season 3 of The Voice in the US. She now has a country-pop solo project, but we can’t help but reminisce for the times when she was full emo.

Years broken up: SIX. SIX FULL YEARS.

Chances of a 2017 reunion: 60% given that they never actually ‘broke up’, and emo is making a massive comeback. And with Pete’s label making a comeback under the new name DCD2 Records we have a good feeling.

2. The Academy Is…


Oh, William BeckettBe still, my beating heart. The Academy Is… is another band whose life ended too soon. They called it quits after two of the original members exited the band in 2011, but basically everyone in the band has gone on to record and release a solo project. Sadly this one wasn’t a hiatus, but a formal breakup. But then, joy of joys! In 2015, the band reunited to perform their debut album Almost Here in its’ entirety at Riot Fest, giving hope to former emo kids everywhere. Since then there’s been no official announcement on whether the band is still broken up, or if there is any plan to continue. But we still hold out hope.

Years broken up: Six, because they reformed in 2015 and we refuse to give up.

Chances of a 2017 reunion: I’m giving this a solid 75% based on the fact that there hasn’t been any formal announcement that the band has gone back to being broken up. Please.

3. Cobra Starship


Honestly, Cobra Starship were way before their time. An essential pillar of the Fueled By Ramen family in the mid-2000’s… Everything was going so well until Gabe Saporta reunited his band Midtown (from pre-Cobra Starship days) back in 2014, then the narrative changed from “we’re working on a new Cobra album” to a breakup blog on their website in 2015. We’re still sad.

Years broken up: barely two.

Chances of a 2017 reunion: Minimal. 10%. Gabe now has his own music company out of Los Angeles, and is busy working behind the scenes.

4. Jack’s Mannequin


In b4 everyone is like “BUT ANDREW MCMAHON IS STILL TOURING AND HE DOES JACK’S MANNEQUIN SONGS!”. We know. The story here is a little complex, but Jack’s Mannequin had less of a breakup, and more of a retirement of their name back in 2012. They played their last show together in September of 2012, and Andrew McMahon continues to release music under his own name (Andrew McMahon and The Wilderness). There was a moment of hope though, when back in 2015 Jack’s Mannequin got back together for a 10 Year Anniversary Tour of their classic album Everything in Transit. But nothing since.

Years broken up: five, not counting the brief reunion tour of 2015.

Chances of a 2017 reunion: Pretty minimal. Maybe like 5%. Andrew is pretty vocal about wanting to live in the present, as opposed to reminiscing about the past.

5. Yellowcard


This has been the most devastating news of the year to date, honestly. I’m actually still in mourning over Yellowcard. We can only be grateful that the band announced the breakup way ahead of time, giving us a chance to catch them on their farewell tour in February. Fun fact though! Yellowcard vocalist Ryan Key has announced that he’s working on a solo record , and we’re pretty excited about that. ADDITIONAL FUN FACT: we took Yellowcard shark diving when they were in Sydney earlier this year!

Years broken up: So far, none. But we’re still sad.

Chances of a 2017 reunion: We’re going to call that this is a solid 0%, given the band only called it quits in May.

6. The All-American Rejects


Not technically broken up. Nor technically on hiatus. But it has been five years since their last album, and two and a half years since  Tyson Ritter started talking about the fact that their next studio album is on the way. So what I’m saying is, we’re aware that something is in the works, and that they’ve done a few touring slots this past year. But we’re after the formal reunion of our dreams; we’re talking full studio album, headline world tour, singles on the radio… the whole circus.

Years broken up: Technically none. But five years since their last album, and frankly we have had ENOUGH.

Chances of a 2017 reunion: Look, it’s looking pretty positive. The band has been out on the road, and they continue to say the fifth album is on it’s way. All signs point to yes.

Update: The band has announced that they’re going to release something in July!

7. Blood on the Danceflo-


Totally fucking kidding. Can you imagine? Heck nope. Good riddance.

7. FUN. 


OK so the thing with FUN. is that there hasn’t been any kind of formal announcement that they’ve broken up, just a message that they’re all going on to temporarily pursue other creative projects. And they have all gone on to do successful solo projects- Nate Ruess released a solo record, Jack Antonoff has his band Bleachers, and Andrew Dost released an album specifically for dogs that suffer separation anxiety (yep, really). But we miss their dramatic, operatic, orchestral bops and would welcome a return IMMEDIATELY.

Years broken up: Not even two.

Chances of a 2017 reunion: Pretty minimal. Jack has just dropped an album with Bleachers, which he’ll no doubt take touring. Nate just became a father. Basically, it’s not looking good, kids.

8. The Cab


I feel so personally betrayed by The Cab. They popped back in to our lives in June of 2014 with the above single Lock Me Up, with an EP and what seemed like the promise of a tour. But alas. Following Lock Me Up, the band disappeared again and left us heartbroken.

Years broken up: ????????????? Like, maybe 3?

Chances of a 2017 reunion: I couldn’t even guess.

9. The Format


Before Nate Ruess was in FUN., he was the frontman of indie band The Format. If you haven’t heard of them and are a fan of FUN., the good news is that you now have a whole discography of music from Nate to placate you until FUN. is back. These guys were the ultimate two-piece before Twenty One Pilots were even on the scene. And their witty lyricism is painfully addictive.

Years broken up: They never officially broke up, but have been on hiatus for nine years now.

Chances of a 2017 reunion: Slim to zero. We’re more confident that we’ll see a FUN. reunion before this one.

10. The Brobecks


If you’re a fan of Panic! at the Disco, you’ll have heard of the spectacular touring bassist Dallon Weekes. Well, before Dallon hit the road with Brendon to bring I Write Sins Not Tragedies to the masses, he fronted The Brobecks. In the late 2000’s and early 2010’s, The Brobecks were hot property on the scene, opening for bands like Fall Out Boy and Phantom Planet. There was never an official break up, or hiatus announcement, so fans of Dallon are cautiously optimistic that a reunion for The Brobecks could happen pretty much any day now.

Years broken up: They’ve been inactive for five years.

Chances of a 2017 reunion: Let’s call it 65%. with Panic! at the Disco at a pause in their touring schedule while Brendon takes on Broadway, Dallon now has the time to revive the band if he so desires (and we hope he does).

11. Every Avenue


There was something in the water in 2012. Why did so many of our favs break up or go on hiatus? Every Avenue was a staple pop-punk band on the Warped Tour circuit, and they toured with other DBU favs All Time LowThe Maine, and Mayday Parade. Technically they’re on an indefinite hiatus, telling fans that “this is see you later. We aren’t in to goodbyes”. But when questioned, sadly the band members haven’t sounded optimistic about any kind of reunion.

Years broken up: Five

Chances of a 2017 reunion: Pretty slim. We give it about a 15% chance.

12. Short Stack 


This is a shout-out for our Aussie readers. Short Stack were delivering the serious pop-rock anthems to Australia before 5 Seconds of Summer were even in high school (full disclosure, I didn’t check this fact so please don’t call me out if I’m wrong). They’re currently in the middle of a second hiatus, after coming back from hiatus numero uno in 2015 with a banging album. But then the boys disappeared again to enter the (more lucrative???) real estate market.

Years  broken up: A few? A couple? More than two. Less than four.

Chances of a 2017 reunion: Frontman Shaun Diviney has revived hope if local band Hellions will co-headline. What say you, Hellions?

13. My Chemical Romance


Did you think we’d get to the end and not include My Chemical Romance? Pal. There will never be a band break up that I feel so deeply within my soul as My Chemical Romance. Real talk, listening to Famous Last Words is bringing a flood of emo(tions) back to me right now. MCR amicably called it quits in 2013 and my world stopped turning in that moment.

Years broken up: FOUR. FOUR ENTIRE YEARS.

Chances of a 2017 reunion: Well look, Gerard definitely said that he wouldn’t count a My Chemical Romance reunion out. Also ?.

BONUS: 14. Patrick Stump


Look. Not a reunion. But we just needed to put out in to the universe that we are here for another Patrick Stump solo album. Soul Punk is a goddamn masterpiece.