It’s no joke that Panic! At The Disco is one of the most successful bands to be born of the MySpace and LiveJournal era.

Frontman Brendon Urie’s fame has been credited to him messaging Fall Out Boy’s bassist Pete Wentz over LiveJournal, begging him to listen to his music.

From there, Panic! At The Disco quickly became icons in the scene and emo world. Between their signature eyeliner looks when they first became a band, to Urie’s famed and masterful vocal range, the American pop-rock band rapidly gained traction with fans.

Although their line-up has changed quite a few times over the years, Urie has stayed true to himself, and continued to progress the sound of Panic! At The Disco to what it is today. Fans have been along for the entire way, with their single ‘High Hopes’ from their most recent album Pray For The Wicked charting as the longest-leading number one single in 10 years.

From winning an impressive 21 awards over the past 16 years, to having their album Pretty. Odd. receive platinum certification, Panic! At The Disco continues to consistently wow their fans.

As well as showing success in the charts, the legendary outfit seem to consistently sell out shows around the world. Although Panic! At The Disco’s shows are unparalleled when it comes to entrancing visuals alongside fantastic music, that’s not all the band has in store for attendees.

With Urie at the helm, the biggest thrill of the evening has to be when he floats into his beautiful falsetto voice with ease, digs out his dance moves, and ends things with his signature backflip.

With P!ATD being such an influential outfit of the mid ’00s, having many citing them as one of their favourite bands, we bet you’ll be able to finish quite a few of their lyrics. I mean, you’ve definitely listened to all their albums at least a dozen times, right?

Can you finish these Panic! At The Disco lyrics?

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