PVRIS have founded an empire built upon emotional freedom, expression, and diving into life’s most intensely beautiful moments head on without any fear. Since their inception as a band, their ethos has stirred a deep connection with their fans – the CVLT – and their live show is a total reminder of their vitality and uniqueness. 

Hot off the hype of their excellent 2017 release All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell PVRIS delivered a stunning musical experience, thick with atmosphere and intimacy that defines their unique brand of dark pop music.

As a seasoned goer of “scene” shows, as of late, I’ve begun to wonder just who the current leader of the crop could be. Considering the crowd’s rapturous response of squeals, roars and cries as the first notes of the fan-favourite track ‘Heaven’ reverberated off the walls of the Metro Theatre, PVRIS are clearly taking charge.

Taking to the stage under a hefty layer of smog, each member took to the stage with a collected confidence. Lynn, Brian and Alex are a tight entity of artistic intuition – as they locked into ‘Heaven’s’ synthy build, fans were immediately transfixed underneath their hypnotic haze.

PVRIS @ The Metro, Sydney

‘Mirrors’ saw Lynn emerge from behind the keys to the centre stage, urging fans to delve deep into the track’s swag drenched, percussive groove that soared with the help of Brian’s solid bass slapping. Despite displaying sheer powerhouse vocal abilities and an enormous stage presence, unleashing her sheer power by banging along onto the drum kit during the end of the track, Lynn Gunn is probably the world’s most reliable rock star. Greeting the crowd with a warm, yet vulnerable “Hi Sydney”, she immediately fostered a connection with her adoring fans.

‘St Patrick’ off 2016’s White Noise saw a steep burst of energy erupt from the rambunctious, young crowd, eliciting one of the nights strongest sing-a-longs and most intense bounce affairs.

PVRIS @ The Metro, Sydney

‘Same Soul’ saw the crowd enter a lull of calm as Lynn offered up personal anecdotes of life’s trials and tribulations, before picking up again for the pop-layered hit ‘What’s Wrong’.

As one of the band’s most punchy, yet masterfully crafted tracks, the band showed off what they do best. Roaring under multiple atmospheric textures, it’s hook was cradled by Alex’s tight lead guitar playing and Lynn’s searing confidence – it’s attitude scowled of edge and straight up alt-pop fun, the perfect combination.

‘My House’ came at the end of the show, with its thunderous response proving at just the ripe old age of four, is a total scene-classic.

PVRIS @ The Metro, Sydney

The crowd were treated to an encore of ‘No Mercy’ with the band leaving the stage, promising an imminent return – their first ever headline show in Sydney felt like a homecoming.

Under a decade into their career, PVRIS have already carved their own niche and are shattering any expectations placed on a “scene” band. With a one-of-a-kind identity and an epic live-show to boot, expect to see their name amongst the Hall of Fame of alt greats within the years to come.

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