PVRIS are set to release their third full length album Use Me this year. However, the record’s release date has been delayed for a second time.

Use Me was announced in March 2020, with the band unveiling its artwork and track listing and locking in a May 1st release date. But one month later PVRIS claimed “circumstances beyond [their] control” had forced the release date to be pushed back to July 10th.

Now, just one week out from the updated release date, PVRIS frontperson Lynn Gunn jumped on social media to explain it’s still not the right time to release Use Me. “I do not want to take up the space in promoting ‘USE ME’ at this moment in time,” writes Gunn. “Therefore [we will] be pushing the album release back until AUGUST 28TH.”

The reason for this latest deferral isn’t something clinical like issues with vinyl pressing or difficulty producing a music video. Rather, Gunn says the decision relates to the urgency of the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests.

“Self-promotion can wait for now and I want to make room and hold space for the conversation and message of the Black Lives Matter movement to continue,” she writes.

PVRIS are also taking this opportunity to invite fans to participate in a charitable initiative. “As a way for the PVRIS community to give back in the meantime, we are in the process of setting up a charity auction and other activating events for us to come together, use our collective power for good and to give back.”

More details on the auction are to come. Use Me will include the tracks ‘Hallucinations’, ‘Death of Me’ and ‘Old Wounds’, which appeared on last year’s Hallucinations EP. It’ll also feature the singles ‘Dead Weight’ and ‘Gimme a Minute’, both of have have emerged in recent months.

Check out ‘Gimme a Minute’ by PVRIS: