Whatever, Forever are the emo punk band from Sydney with the power to raise emo punk from the dead and the music-making prowess to keep the scene alive.

Whatever, Forever are a punk/emo band from the heart of Sydney, who never hesitate to snarl vicious lyrics in our direction over riotous guitar riffs.

It’s a stampede of sound that we love from punk bands, and Whatever, Forever use their sound like a sharpened blade. Essentially, we’re obsessed.

“If you don’t want me around, then bury me,” they scream on 2019’s brand new track ‘Bury Me’, leaving no room for second-guessing whether this band has the grit that we love in our music.

The band is a project built up of members from Justice For The Damned and Our Past Days, two Sydney efforts which were lauded as the future of hardcore music.

So what happens when you take the best bits out of two of Australia’s most exciting bands? You get Whatever, Forever, a gritty and guitar-driven proclamation that emo punk is back baby.

We can finally stop replaying the classics, and find some new jams to rock out to.

We initially discovered the band through the hashtag search system on Instagram, and took immediately looking up their discography to find our new favourite jams.

To find this band we typed in #punk, and found a whole bunch of Aussie music fans sharing tour vids and posts about the band. That’s when we knew that they were something incredible to watch out for.

2016 tracks like ‘Let Me Leave You’ sound like a vicious thunderstorm, smashing the ground below with lightning-like fury.

Meanwhile tracks like 2017’s ‘Heat’ bring out the band’s singing chops, proving that they are one of the most versatile punk efforts to come about in years.

The band has spent a majority of 2018 doing the rounds with tours (such as their support tour with Stuck Out), but with the advent of ‘Bury Me’, the group have no intentions of slowing down their releases, with big things coming our way in the near future that we cannot wait for.

Watch the new vid for ‘Bury Me’ by Whatever, Forever: