Oaks are quintessential pop-punk. They’re gritty, they’re joyous, and they know how to have fun with it all. Oaks are here to save the day, and the best part is they come from Sydney. Finally some homegrown legends!

Scouring the corners of Instagram under the #punk and #poppunk tags is a whirlwind of a task. There’s so much new music coming out every day from big-time bands and smaller, more local groups, that it’s hard to keep track of everything sometimes.

And most of the time, the lights that burn the brightest in the scene are from the good old United States of America – we’re looking at you twenty one pilots and Fall Out Boy. The list could go on forever of how many acts we know and love that hail from the Americas. It’s a real rarity to stumble upon magic from Australia, especially in the pop-punk genre, but we’ve found it.

Take a look at the Insta post that first caught our eye, which was sent to us in our Insta DM’s from one of our photographer friends here at Don’t Bore Us. Sometimes your friends can be the best way to find new tunes!

Introducing Oaks, the five-piece from Sydney with enough power behind their tunes to last you a lifetime. Sitting on two EPs so far, no album just yet, and a killer single under their belt known as ‘Losing Breath’ featuring Matt Doherty from Our Past Days, they’re an Aussie force to be reckoned with.

Now we’ve had our fair share of punk groups come from Down Under, but most of them tend to lend themselves more to riotous, hair-raising, rebellious Aussie backyard-punk, yelled out from atop milk crates and slung about in a thick Aussie accent.

Oaks are pure and honest pop-punk, which funnels in all the influences you would expect from a pop-punk band, and funnels out some absolute earworms. And it bears repeating, they’re from Sydney!

You can listen to their latest triumph, ‘Losing Breath’, below.

Check out ‘Losing Breath (feat. Matt Doherty) by Oaks