Phoebe Bridgers has recently taken to Twitter to show her support in light of the tragic shooting of Daunte Wright.

As reported by The New York Timesa man by the name of Daunte Wright was tragically shot and killed by a police officer at a traffic stop near Minneapolis, who had mistaken her Taser for her firearm.

Wright was shot once in the chest by the police officer, Kim Potter who had served for 26 years. With the death confirmed and protests kicking on in and around Minneapolis, Bridgers is showing her support of the tragic fatal shooting, by offering to handwrite tattoos for anyone who posts a screenshot of their donation to the Wright family via Holistic Heaux.

Bridgers took to Twitter to share, I’ve been seeing some people on here who want tattoos in my handwriting… if you donate here I’ll write whatever you want.”

Below is just one example of a tattoo in Bridgers handwriting, where one Twitter user requested the quote, Thank you for doing this if you could please write “if I could give you the moon then I would give you the moon” that would be so dope.”

As reported by The Timesa democrat, Gov. Tim Walz has demanded that there is immediate police reform where officers are not mistaking their guns for their Tasers, while also referencing the death of George Floyd last year.

He said, “Our time was made clear last May in Minnesota. Our time to get one shot at fixing it was there. And in the midst of this trial that the world’s watching, the situation repeated itself yesterday.”

Mayor Melvin Carter of St. Paul also said, “Why can’t we have Tasers that look and feel differently? That you could never mistake for deploying a firearm, so that we can ensure that that mistake, which has happened before, can never happen again.”

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