Phoebe Bridgers has once again, destroyed me. The musician took to BBC Radio 1 with budding London musician Arlo Parks to deliver a shattering cover of Radiohead’s 1996 The Bends cut ‘Fake Plastic Trees’.

‘Fake Plastic Trees’ is, and always will be, my forever “looking outside the bus window mournfully” soundtrack. This version has ripped out my heart and knocked me for six. It’s stark and chilling. Bridgers and Parks harmonies are something from another planet.

The pair also performed Phoebe’s Punisher track ‘Kyoto’.

Check out Phoebe Bridgers and Arlo Parks on BBC Radio 1:


When asked about how the collaboration with Arlo Parks came to be, Bridgers revealed.  “I can’t remember who sent Arlo to me initially but it was all I listened to for a couple of weeks, which is funny cos she doesn’t have that much music. I became a really big fan and we started DMing.

“She covered ‘Moon Song’ and I was like, ‘This is the coolest thing ever’ I was in London working on stuff and we went into a church and filmed us covering Radiohead and one of my songs.

On the reworked version of Kyoto, Bridgers shared, “The coolest thing about this version is that it highlights how sad it is. Also, Arlo’s voice is just so cool and it’s very different from mine so I think we complement each other a lot.

“It’s a really sad song. I initially wrote it as a ballad and it turned into an uptempo song, but when you read the lyrics it’s a really sad song.”

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