Well, we finally know just what Pete Wentz has had up his sleeve during this quarantine – he’s released a new song called ‘Check Your Phone’ with his new project Cheap Cuts.

Fall Out Boy’s bassist Pete Wentz had us all wondering just what the heck he was up to with his constant tagging of a project called Cheap Cuts, as well as using a hashtag that said “check your phone”.

With his cryptic Instagram posts, Tweets, and TikToks, fans were going into a frenzy trying to figure out what the beautiful man was up to. Well, our waiting is finally over as Wentz has released a new song from his side project Cheap Cuts.

Aptly titled ‘Check Your Phone’, the song (and new video!) features Wentz laying spoken-word lyrics across an easy-going instrumental track.

“To me this song is about the anxiety it gives me, but at the same time, the way I feel a bit lighter when I watch a video on it of raccoons walking around like people or whatever,” Wentz explained about the new tune.

“It is messy and filled with complex, opposing perspectives that seem to contradict each other – just like us.”

“It’s funny to have everything in the world in a device at the tip of my fingers and feel like it is swallowing me whole sometimes. Without a doubt, my phone has made touring, staying in touch and finding out random actors who voiced GI Joe characters from the 80s cartoon easier,” Wentz continued.

“But my addiction to it is complicated – the last thing I look to at night is its hazy blur, and it is the first text message that jolts me awake in the morning. ”

Released overnight, the new tune has already seen thousands of plays on YouTube, with one viewer commenting that the song was “like my anxiety just got its own narrator.”

While there’s no news as to if or when more songs will be released with this new project, we’re sure that Pete Wentz will find another way to cheekily tease us with whatever he plans to do next.

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Check out ‘Check Your Phone’ by Cheap Cuts feat. Pete Wentz: