It’s time for a toast, so pour the champagne! We’re mere days out from the 11th anniversary of Panic! at the Disco’s second album Pretty. Odd., and the record has just been certified Platinum in the US.

Of course, the chronic over-achievers couldn’t just reach one milestone, no, the band have been awarded 13 new certifications from the RIAA. Tracks “Crazy=Genius,” “House of Memories” and “Nicotine” have all been certified gold. Whilst singles  “Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time,” “Hallelujah,” “L.A. Devotee” and “The Only Difference Between Suicide and Martyrdom is Press Coverage” have all just become platinum-certified songs. Whilst “Death of a Bachelor” and “High Hopes” are now double platinum.

Honestly, it’s about time Pretty. Odd. received the recognition it deserves. Although famously polarising, the record is a quintessential part of Panic! At The Disco’s DNA. It is my favourite Panic! album and will probably be forever. Read our passionate defence of the album now.

Panic’s former tour manager Zack Hall has shared a gorgeous little anecdote about Pretty. Odd. receiving Platinum status. Hall took to Twitter to share that Spencer Smith once told Hall that if Pretty. Odd. ever reached Platinum status he would buy him a smart car. Enjoy effortless parking for the rest of your life Zac!

A few days ago, Panic! At The Disco unveiled the music video for their track ‘Dancing’s Not A Crime’. The clip marked the return of The Amazing Beebo — Brendon Urie’s puppet manifestation. In the video, Beebo is seen causing all sorts of mischief, getting a little too debaucherous, drinking too much and throwing up. It’s just the wildest puppet we’ve ever encountered. Check it out below.

Watch: Panic! At The Disco – Dancing’s Not A Crime