Way across the pond, Priests are making waves with their unique brand of rebellious rock. Word has spread to the Australian shores, and now we call ourselves humble converts.

We first stumbled upon Washington rock bandPriests by finding their recent NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert on Instagram. Immediately striking with her blue hair, frontwoman Katie Alice Greer gave off riotous rocker energy from the jump, and upon watching the performance, we were sold.

NPR Music’s Instagram page is one of our favourite places to find new artists, as they always feature talented bands and solo projects from all across the world.

Here are Priests featured on NPR Music’s Insta:

We also recently discovered Tamino from NPR Music, who is a beautifully voiced alternative artist that we always put on when it’s a rainy afternoon in the office.

Not only are we huge fans of the series, but we always sit with anticipation for when a new one will be released, because we really do find a lot of our new music from the page.

A quick trip into Priests’ back catalogue proved to be a deep dive into a treasure trove. Debut album Nothing Feels Natural is simply bursting with energy right out the gate, with tracks like ‘JJ’ and ‘Pink White House’ acting as standouts from the project.

And recent album The Seduction of Kansas continues this whizzing energy that the band displayed on their first LP. Priests deal with the American dream, the nuances of the political, and life in the great united states, and do so in a way that never kneels at the altars of expectation.

“Running a label is really stressful but the industry is incredibly fucked up, and I don’t want some man owning my music,” pronounce Priests, who refuse to be pigeonholed as ‘strictly punk’.

In an interview with Pitchfork, frontwoman Katie Alice Greer said of the band’s music: “I’m not interested in art that is didactic or comes across like propaganda, and we never set out to be a band that feels responsible for educating people.”

Not only is their NPR performance incredible (linked at the bottom), but also their KEXP live performance, which you should check out ASAP!

You can watch Priests perform some of our favourite songs from their latest album The Seduction of Kansas in their NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert video below.

Watch Priests perform an incredible NPR Tiny Desk Concert: