It seems that Liam Payne has confirmed that a One Direction 10-year reunion is in the works, and that member Zayn Malik is likely not joining in for it.

Speaking with his collaborator, Swedish DJ Alesso, in an Instagram Live video, singer-songwriter Liam Payne spoke out about the upcoming 10th anniversary of One Direction, a reunion from their 2016 indefinite hiatus, and the plans that were to come, including a cheeky bit of news that former member Zayn Malik won’t be joining.

The English musician has let slip that Malik won’t be joining them in the reunion. Speaking with Alesso, he noted that he “did speak to Niall [Horan] again on FaceTime,” and that he was “outside on his balcony sunbathing, and whatever.”

“He’s in London as well,” he revealed. “Most of us are in London. We’ve been trying to arrange the first group FaceTime at the moment.”

Then, Payne slyly added in that Malik, who left the sensational quartet/quintet in 2015, won’t be a part of the reunion, and told Alesso that he “can come and fill in for Zayn,” adding that he should  “join the band.”

According to The Sun, Payne has already gotten into a wee bit of trouble from Louis Tomlinson after letting it slip that there was a 10th anniversary plan in the works.

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“I can’t say too much,” about the reunion, Payne noted. “Louis told me off for revealing a bit about our plans the other day. So I had a group telling off on the group chat.”

As further talk to The Sun revealed, Payne noted that the group’s “got a ten-year anniversary coming up so we’ve all been speaking together a lot over the last few weeks, which has been really nice.”

“To hear a lot of people’s voices and seeing old content and different things that we haven’t seen for a long time or never seen before, it’s very interesting.”

Although there is no confirmed date for a reunion, and no further details, the news of the reunion is enough to drive fans into a frenzy, and get Payne excited because just these chats have “been a real good time for us to connect together again,” he concluded.

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